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Hi, I am Valrine. I am a wife, mother of two boys, and your hands-on decorator and sewing specialist. 

For more than twelve years I have been providing affordable decorating services to clients in The Greater Toronto Area; Transforming their interior and exterior spaces from "drab" to "fab".

VernDecor offers Full Service decorating for your homes and events; 

helping you take your  homes and events from fine to fabulous!


 "Satisfaction guaranteed."

I am very keen on working closely with all my clients, while ensuring that at the end of each project they are satisfied and smiling. Consequently,  taking the needs, wants and desires of all my clients into consideration for each project is very important to me.

"Your home should tell your story, not someone else's story."
"Your Home: Your Sanctuary. Let your Home Embrace You!"

For larger and more involved projects I work with certified and licensed professionals, as needed. 

There is no demarcation between interior and exterior decor for me. I tackle them both. I love  to get my 

hands in and create cozy corners around my clients homes, bringing the outside in and the inside out.

Studio: 647-692-5566 


"I love the unusual and unexpected!"

Decorating Services

 "We take your space from conceptualization to realization."

Custom Slipcovers and Upholstery

Custom Window Treatments

Window Treatment Price Guideline

Drapery/Curtain Panels

Prices are by the width for custom draperies and curtains

​Prices includes labour and sewing notions, but excludes fabric, lining and trims 

Pocket/Tunnel Heading with or without ruffles  

$30.00 per width (single)($55.00 per double width)

All other headings

$60.00 per width(single ) (double width fabrics $110 per double width)

​For application of decorative trim add $6.00 per linear foot

Add 70% of labour cost per width for lining

Roman Shades​

Roman Shades are priced by the square foot​

$9.50 to $11.50 per square foot

Price includes sewing notions and labour, but excludes decorative trim, lining and fabric


$40.00 - $70.00 each


​$20.00 - $50.00 each

Fabric not included, embellishments and installation separate


$25.00 - $60.00 per linear foot


$22.00 - $52.00 per linear foot


$15.00 - $46.00 per linear foot

Fabric, embellishments and installation separate

VernDecor specializes in fabricating casual and tailored slipcovers for all your: sofas, armchairs, love seats, ottomans, stools, futons, sofa beds, sectionals, dining chairs, patio furniture, benches, chaise lounges, wing chairs...........​I do small scale upholstery and work with upholsterers to do large scale re-upholstery/upholstery. I will help you to choose appropriate fabrics for either your slipcovers or upholstery.

Why Use Slipccovers:
To co-ordinate existing furniture to a new decor schemeFor a temporary budgetary solution​For easy cleaningTo reflect the mood of seasons and holidaysTo give new life to an older piece of furniture​To protect permanent covers.

Please note: 
I need access to your furniture for tailored covers for larger pieces. There is a minimal $50.00 fee for coming into your home to do patterning and measurements. (to be applied to the total on the completion of project)Otherwise both larger and smaller furniture may be dropped off at my studio.
Slipcover Price Guidelines
Price may vary depending on the intricacy of the furniture design.
Please allow 2 - 4 weeks for custom coversIf you have questions, I am happy to answer them..... 647-692-5566  OR 647-839-5663
chair up to 40" 1 seat cushion  1 seat and 1 back  cushion

 $90.00                             $120.00

Custom piping is $2.00/foot (includes 1/4" cording) 

Pre-made piping $1.50/foot

This applies to all items

love seat up to 64" 1 or 2 seat cushions only  1 or 2 seat and 1 or 2 back cushions only

$180.00                               $240.00

sofa up to 90" ​2 or 3 seat cushions only 2  3 and 2 or 3 back cushions only

$320.00                              $390.00

 cushion covers                      

$30.00 - $50.00

banquette seats/cushions

 $24.00 per linear foot          ​ minimum 2 feet or $48.00

kitchen and dining chairs

 $30.00 - $70.00


 $30.00 - $70.00

futon covers

 $70.00 - $150.00

standard decorative pillows 

up to 24" x 24"

 $22.00 each, up to four pillows            ​$18.00 each more than four pillows

All prices listed on this page are intended to be guidelines and none include fabrics nor embellishments, unless otherwise stated. Listed prices are also subject to change. Looking forward to working with you!

Windows are the "eyes" of our home. The treatments chosen can help the window to play a leading role (focal point) in a decor scheme or allow the window to relax and become  a part of the "supporting cast".

Some factors that go into selecting the appropriate treatment are:

The role of the window in the design plan

The style of the home

The location of the window

The type of window

The size of the window


I believe that the  size of your space,  should not matter as much as what you do with your space. Any space has the potential to be styled and be aesthetically pleasing while still functional; Also there is a "design style" for every budget. 

Hand-crafted  .  Unique  .  Chic

Custom Cushions 

Add softness and colour to the hard concrete garden benches.

"Affordable Solutions for Your Decor"